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ToP Universe 9 Review

Universe 9 brings a very unique control package into Dragon Ball Super and provides completely unseen levels and standards of control. From locking down attackers on Battle Cards and/or Leader Cards to doing board wide skill negates, the Trios De Dangers bring a new flavor to the lockdown game.

Universe 9- Werewolves

Leader- 6/10

Bergamos unawakened side is very standard 10k power, draws when you attack a leader and awakens at 4 and untaps 2 energy. His awakened side however has one of the unique control abilities I mentioned before. If you have both <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area, your opponents leader cannot attack him. This is a fairly strong ability that can be challenging to assemble. Combined with the other control abilities that come from having all three brothers out I believe Universe 9 can be very powerful.

Battle Cards- 7.5/10

The Super Rare for U9 is Trio De Dangers Bergamo and operates similar to Tagoma from Set 1. If he is tapped your opponent’s Battle Cards can only attack him, which if you can stick two of these on your field your opponent’s Battle Cards are hard locked and can’t attack. He also has a Permanent that gives all your Trio De Dangers Barrier if you have <Lavender> and <Basil> in the Battle Area.

Next up is another Bergamo card, Brothers of Terror Bergamo, at 2BBB for a 20k Double Striker he is rather underwhelming at first. However, his permanent locks out your opponents ability to play Energy cards by any means, again you’re required to have <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area for this to be in effect.

Finally we have a non-Bergamo card in Trio De Dangers Lavender. A 10K for 1B is a little below standard but if you have another Trio De Dangers card in your Battle Area he also KO’s a card that costs 4 or less. Overall a sub-par body but a useful conditional affect attached to him.

The final brother Basil is kind of underwhelming in my opinion at 15k for 1BB. If there is another Trio De Dangers in the Battle Area he does gain Dual Attack and 1K power per Energy you have.

Universe 9 Striker Comfrey is the strongest ramp/cheat into play card that we’ve seen since pre-errata Babidi or pre-errata Mecha Frieza. A 15k body for 1BB is below average but when you play him you can play a U9 card from your hand with an energy cost equal to or less than your total energy. Though ideally you’d want to curve out your Trio De Dangers, Comfrey means on Turn 7 you could assemble the lock in one turn. Or on Turn 6 play out two Trio De Dangers Bergamo cards and get the Battle Card lock going.

Extra Cards- 7/10

Dangers Triangle is the newest addition to the Field Cards and like others is very strong. If you have <Bergamo>, <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area you negate the skills of all your opponent’s Battle Cards with energy costs of 4 our less. On the surface this card is borderline broken, negating the skills of the vast majority of the cards shuts down so many packages and decks thus making this the perfect top off to the U9 package.

Shining Blasters is the U9 specific Negate which lets you bounce a 4 cost or less if your Leader Card is U9. I actually don’t like this card that much as it lets your opponent replay the card next turn if they’d like. Generally giving your opponent the option for any effect is bad, but Shining Blaster still is a solid Negate as you get to choose the Battle Card.


ToP Theme Power-8.5/10

I think U9 is possibly the strongest Universe when limited to the ToP set, although they require some setup the ability to quickly lock your opponent completely out of a majority of the game should not be overlooked. The only issue I see U9 consistently having is being able to exert kill pressure at the end of the game.

General Power-7/10

Since there are no U9 cards and only 1 Trio De Dangers card outside of ToP, the U9 deck doesn’t get any stronger synergy by gaining access to all of the cards in the game. You do gain access to your standard blue staples like Senzu Bean and Unyielding Spirit Trunks and while these are both incredibly powerful cards they don’t contribute to the lockdown plan directly.

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