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ToP Universe 6 Review

Tiny Saiyan time!!! Time to start one of my more anticipated reviews with Universe 6, home of the tiny Saiyans! Like others have said the power that is coming out of U6 with the ToP release is fantastic and terrifying at the same time. Although the current Green Veggie package does not possess the U6 tags, there are new U6 cards that refer to character traits alone. With the current package, the new Draft Caulifla leader and the new ToP cards coming out I see great things coming up for the U6 theme decks.


Universe 6- TINY SAIYANS!!!

Leader(s)- 9/10

Kale’s unawakened side is a fairly standard leader with 10k power, a draw when attacking leaders and untaps 2 energy when flipping. Her awakened side is essentially the unawakened side of the Set 1 Broly leader, however having a Caulifla acts like a Broly’s Ring in this case.

I’m including the Draft Caulifla Leader in this review because even though she isn’t from ToP, she has the U6 tag and thus can work with certain cards form ToP (Plus she is bonkers). Sitting at 10k/15k and awakening at 4 to draw 2 Caulifla is very standard. However the Activate: Main she has on both sides is incredibly powerful, by taking a life she increases her own power and the power of all non-Black Battle Cards by 5k. Self-awaken is probably the most important factor when deck building and sticking it on the Leader has always led to strong Leaders. (Blue Vegeta Set 1, Ginyu, Draft Leader Goku).

Battle Cards-8/10

I’m starting with Saiyan Prince Vegeta because his inclusion is questionable, but I feel his powerful synergy with U6 means he is an auto-include. Five energy for a one turn 30k Triple Striker that also buffs a U6 card with 10k and Triple Strike is absolutely insane.

Foreseeing Hit is a fantastic utility card, he lets you look at the opponents hand to spot out the extent of their combo potential and send two Battle Cards with less than 35k power to the Warp for a turn. This means looking for negates and also potentially removing access to two Super Combos for your attacks and their turn!

Impeccable Super Saiyan Cabba can act as Battle Card removal, can’t be countered and is essentially a 20k attacker(Requires red Leader) for 1RR! This card combined with Saiyan Prince Vegeta gives you two 30k Attackers with Triple Strike one of which can’t be countered on Turn 5.

Caulifla has two powerful Battle Cards coming out in ToP. First off you have Sister Attack Caulifla which is similar to Cabba from Set 1 but not quite as strong. She allows you to take a Life on play and she’ll gain 5k power and Double Strike. Self-awaken on a stick has always will continue to be valued highly, plus she has a strong body to swing with when played. Next up we have Bold Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla which can Evolve for 1RR and has a play effect which digs 7 cards deep and lets you play a U6 card with 15k power or less.

Kale also has two very powerful cards coming to us in ToP. Sister Attack Kale gains 5k power and draws a card on attack if you have another U6 card in play. Although the Android 19 card with the attack draw didn’t see much play I feel the synergy within U6 clearly makes Kale stronger and more viable. The other card Relentless Super Saiyan Kale is a 25k Double Striker for 2RRR that can evolve for 1RRR which isn’t that good when compared to other 4 or 5 drops, but her evolve effect is great. On evolve you choose and KO all Battle Cards other than itself and your Caulifla cards with less than 25k power.

Extra Cards- 8/10

Strategies of Universe 7 is insane and although the card name seems weird when discussing U6 it targets all Red Saiyan cards and gives them Barrier until the end of your opponents next turn. This protects you on your turn from Shugesh/Explosive plays, Enraged Awakening Gohan etc…. and then protects you from any number of KO on play cards during your opponents turn. Oh and did I mention its FREE!!! FREE!!!!!

Time Kicker is a very interesting negate that has huge potential. If your leader is U6 you can send the attacking card to your opponents warp for the rest of the turn. Although generally not anymore useful than a normal negate this murders cards with abilities to attack multiple times or that are EX-Evolve and Union targets. The only thing preventing this card from pushing the rating to 9/10 is the U6 leader requirement, but with the strength of the Caulifla leader this card may need reevaluation later down the road.


ToP Theme Power- 8/10

Compared to the other ToP themes I believe U6 has the strongest baseline power as it doesn’t require a ton of synergy as most are two card combos. It provides a good amount of board control and has very strong cards in general. The only downside I feel is that other than the cards mentioned the rest of U6 isn’t overly strong, with the most useful being the combo Botamo that buffs all U6 cards.

General Power- 10/10

It feels wrong giving U6 a higher non-theme rating but I believe these cards coupled with the existing Veggie package will lead to some incredibly fast and aggressive decks. Turn 2 Dash Pack Cabba into the Caulifla that lets you dig deeper for another U6 card is an absolutely insane tempo play. Dash Pack Cabba also makes all Kale and Cauliflas cheaper so it decreases the cost of all the new cards coming out too.

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