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ToP Universe 2 Review

With the release date of our first theme set less than two weeks away and the only card left unspoiled the Secret Rare, we finally have a near complete picture of the set. Although the general reception of ToP has been lackluster so far, I believe that more cards than expected will have an impact outside of Theme play. Though each universe has their own fairly steep card commitments, I feel these large packages can be impactful enough to build around. I’m going to do a brief overview of most/all of the cards for each Universe and give the Leader(s), Battle Cards and Extra cards a rating out of 1-10. This will be based both on their pure strength and utility as a ToP stand-alone set and for their ability to be integrated into the rest of the game.


Universe 2 – Beautiful Maidens

Although I don’t care for Universe 2 in the show or card game, they look to be extremely explosive and reminiscent of the Androids printed thus far. As a 10K/15K that awakens at 4 and draws, Brianne De Chateau is a standard leader, her unawakened side has a psuedo-draw and digs two cards deep for a Maiden Squadron card. The awakened side has a conditional KO ability if you have both other members of the Maiden Squadron, <Kakunsa> and <Rozie>, on the field.


Brianne/Ribrianne isn’t a Jack of All Trades but also doesn’t do one thing great. Her psuedo-draw forces you to build heavier around U2 or you face failing to acquire any value. While on her awakened side the conditional KO actually has a fairly steep requirement. Neither <Kakunsa> nor <Rozie> have Barrier and although they are 20K power at only 4 Energy Cost they fall to many of the staple removal cards.

Battle Cards-7/10

Topping out the curve at 5 Ribrianne has an evolve cost of 1GG and this makes the Maiden Squadron stay low to the ground. With Barrier and a Evolve KO ability Ribrianne is fitting of the SR slot and is extremely useful. On top of that she also has a conditional discard 2 affect on attack, however this has the same drawback as the leader requiring two non-barrier cards to be on the field also.

Kakunsa is the other noteworthy card for Universe 2, though 2GG for a 20k Crit isn’t too shabby itself you also have the potential to gain Dual Attack if you have both <Ribrianne> and <Rozie> in play. The unique nature of these ability combinations is what causes these two cards to rate higher the leader even though they all share the same downside.

Hermilla when paired with Prum is insane, once per turn KO’ing a card that costs 5 or less with the only requirement is having a Prum, a two drop with Barrier, isn’t that steep.

Although Jimezes’ effect is fairly impactful, his cost reduction only hits Maiden Squadron (4 cards) and doesn’t reduce specified cost or Evolve Cost. His exile effect is also negligible as dropping a card will almost never be worth saving him.


Extra Cards- 3/10

Maiden Transformation is the value card of U2 that for 2GG lets you bring back 2 Four or less Maiden Squadron cards from your Drop Area to play. This is fairly similar to Here to Save the Day which doesn’t see much play at all due to it’s slow and fairly restricted use.

Maiden Charge is a solid negate. By discarding one you force your opponent to KO a Battle Card. It’s cheaper than Enraged Awakening Gohan and doesn’t only hit attacking BCs, however your opponent is given the choice so it is a wash.


ToP Theme Power- 7/10

Playing with solely ToP I can see U2 being a decent deck, it provides a lot of control over the board attached to various cards. Although a lackluster card, the Maiden Squadron group synergy allows U2 to produce some explosive board state swings on Turn 4 and farther.

General Power-4/10

With the heavy U2 theme requirements for most of the worthwhile cards to get their full effect, I don’t see U2 having much impact in the regular meta outside of a nearly pure theme deck.

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