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ToP Universe 11 Review

It is time for our last mono-color Universe, Universe 11!!!!!!! Jiren and his Pride Troopers are here in force and provide some explosive potential on a few cards but rather lackluster abilities on most.

Universe 11 – Pride Troopers


Sadly I feel like Jiren may be one of the weakest leaders coming out in ToP. (Goku is worse for sure) His unawakened side is generic at 10k, draws on leader attack and awakens at 4 to untap 2 energy. The only bonus his awakened side adds is untapping 2 Universe 11 cards at the end of your turn. Other than just protecting any Battle Card U11 only has 1 Blocker and it already has 1 Battle Card that untaps itself at end of turn. The biggest benefit for this ability is untapping the cards played by Ally of Justice Toppo.

Battle Cards- 7/10

I feel U11 only has a few cards going for it, but those three cards are all incredibly powerful. To start thinks off we have baby Jiren, Secret Vitality Jiren, a 15k for 1YY is a fairly weak body but if your Leader is U11 you can discard a yellow card and KO two of your opponents tapped Battle Cards. This is similar to Great Ape Tora from Cross Worlds, although I feel the U11 synergy is weaker than Ape synergy the ability is still very useful.

Aboslute Justice Jiren is the U11 Super Rare and is a bomb if there ever was one. At 35k and Quadruple Strike for 5YYYYY, Jiren reminded me a lot of the Set 1 Whis at first. His Permanent reduces his cost by 1 generic energy per U11 Battle Card you have in play, making him YYYYY at his cheapest. If a 35k Quadruple Strike on Turn 5/Turn 6 wasn’t enough when you play him you choose all of your opponents tapped Energy and Battle Cards and send them to their Drop Area.

Ally of Justice Toppo is an insane tempo card, when played he allows you to dig 10 deep and play 2 U11 cards of 3 or less energy cost in Rest Mode, all for 1YYY. This is the quick acceleration needed to cheat out the Super Rare Jiren. Toppo allows you to consistently look to drop big Jiren on Turn 5 or Turn 6.

Hero Combination Kunshi is a 10k for 1Y allowing you to take a life and tap an opponents Battle Card if you have another U11 Battle Card in play. This provides some good utility to U11 that is much needed.

Hero Combination Kettol starts out as a 15K with Barrier for 1YY, however if you control two other U11 Battle Cards he gains 5k power and Double Strike. Being able to hit this guy and any other U11 card with a Toppo makes for even greater value off Toppo.

Extra Cards- 9.5/10

Cocotte Zone is a 2 for 1 Negate for one Yellow energy if your Leader is Yellow. There isn’t much more to say than that, it is probably one of the best negates printed to date.


ToP Theme Power- 7/10

I think the best thing U11 has going for it is the Super Rare Jiren, it’s other Battle Cards aren’t spectacular and don’t synergize all that well together like Universe 6 or Universe 9 do. However, the fact that the deck has a chance to high-roll and play SR Jiren as early as Turn 5 is what pushes it to actually have potential. But sadly relying on RNG is a bad strategy, it was different with cards like Babidi because your opponent had one chance to mitigate the issue and only if they were Yellow and holding a Cold Bloodlust. Players will seek to control the board against U11 to prevent a ramped Jiren being dropped on them, however as you get into the late game there may not be much they can do.

General Power – 5.5/10

The biggest issue with expanding the U11 cards into general play is Cold Bloodlust, top contender for most broken card printed. In addition to Cold Bloodlust all the colors gain access to numerous answers to the Battle Card spam of the deck making early Jirens much more difficult. I have plans to try out a super defensive deck that pretty much only plays big Jiren and Hero Combination Zoiray. The task of realistically lasting until Turn 10 is daunting and going to be incredibly difficult.

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