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ToP Universe 11 Review

It is time for our last mono-color Universe, Universe 11!!!!!!! Jiren and his Pride Troopers are here in force and provide some explosive potential on a few cards but rather lackluster abilities on most.

Universe 11 – Pride Troopers


Sadly I feel like Jiren may be one of the weakest leaders coming out in ToP. (Goku is worse for sure) His unawakened side is generic at 10k, draws on leader attack and awakens at 4 to untap 2 energy. The only bonus his awakened side adds is untapping 2 Universe 11 cards at the end of your turn. Other than just protecting any Battle Card U11 only has 1 Blocker and it already has 1 Battle Card that untaps itself at end of turn. The biggest benefit for this ability is untapping the cards played by Ally of Justice Toppo.

Battle Cards- 7/10

I feel U11 only has a few cards going for it, but those three cards are all incredibly powerful. To start thinks off we have baby Jiren, Secret Vitality Jiren, a 15k for 1YY is a fairly weak body but if your Leader is U11 you can discard a yellow card and KO two of your opponents tapped Battle Cards. This is similar to Great Ape Tora from Cross Worlds, although I feel the U11 synergy is weaker than Ape synergy the ability is still very useful.

Aboslute Justice Jiren is the U11 Super Rare and is a bomb if there ever was one. At 35k and Quadruple Strike for 5YYYYY, Jiren reminded me a lot of the Set 1 Whis at first. His Permanent reduces his cost by 1 generic energy per U11 Battle Card you have in play, making him YYYYY at his cheapest. If a 35k Quadruple Strike on Turn 5/Turn 6 wasn’t enough when you play him you choose all of your opponents tapped Energy and Battle Cards and send them to their Drop Area.

Ally of Justice Toppo is an insane tempo card, when played he allows you to dig 10 deep and play 2 U11 cards of 3 or less energy cost in Rest Mode, all for 1YYY. This is the quick acceleration needed to cheat out the Super Rare Jiren. Toppo allows you to consistently look to drop big Jiren on Turn 5 or Turn 6.

Hero Combination Kunshi is a 10k for 1Y allowing you to take a life and tap an opponents Battle Card if you have another U11 Battle Card in play. This provides some good utility to U11 that is much needed.

Hero Combination Kettol starts out as a 15K with Barrier for 1YY, however if you control two other U11 Battle Cards he gains 5k power and Double Strike. Being able to hit this guy and any other U11 card with a Toppo makes for even greater value off Toppo.

Extra Cards- 9.5/10

Cocotte Zone is a 2 for 1 Negate for one Yellow energy if your Leader is Yellow. There isn’t much more to say than that, it is probably one of the best negates printed to date.


ToP Theme Power- 7/10

I think the best thing U11 has going for it is the Super Rare Jiren, it’s other Battle Cards aren’t spectacular and don’t synergize all that well together like Universe 6 or Universe 9 do. However, the fact that the deck has a chance to high-roll and play SR Jiren as early as Turn 5 is what pushes it to actually have potential. But sadly relying on RNG is a bad strategy, it was different with cards like Babidi because your opponent had one chance to mitigate the issue and only if they were Yellow and holding a Cold Bloodlust. Players will seek to control the board against U11 to prevent a ramped Jiren being dropped on them, however as you get into the late game there may not be much they can do.

General Power – 5.5/10

The biggest issue with expanding the U11 cards into general play is Cold Bloodlust, top contender for most broken card printed. In addition to Cold Bloodlust all the colors gain access to numerous answers to the Battle Card spam of the deck making early Jirens much more difficult. I have plans to try out a super defensive deck that pretty much only plays big Jiren and Hero Combination Zoiray. The task of realistically lasting until Turn 10 is daunting and going to be incredibly difficult.

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ToP Universe 9 Review

Universe 9 brings a very unique control package into Dragon Ball Super and provides completely unseen levels and standards of control. From locking down attackers on Battle Cards and/or Leader Cards to doing board wide skill negates, the Trios De Dangers bring a new flavor to the lockdown game.

Universe 9- Werewolves

Leader- 6/10

Bergamos unawakened side is very standard 10k power, draws when you attack a leader and awakens at 4 and untaps 2 energy. His awakened side however has one of the unique control abilities I mentioned before. If you have both <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area, your opponents leader cannot attack him. This is a fairly strong ability that can be challenging to assemble. Combined with the other control abilities that come from having all three brothers out I believe Universe 9 can be very powerful.

Battle Cards- 7.5/10

The Super Rare for U9 is Trio De Dangers Bergamo and operates similar to Tagoma from Set 1. If he is tapped your opponent’s Battle Cards can only attack him, which if you can stick two of these on your field your opponent’s Battle Cards are hard locked and can’t attack. He also has a Permanent that gives all your Trio De Dangers Barrier if you have <Lavender> and <Basil> in the Battle Area.

Next up is another Bergamo card, Brothers of Terror Bergamo, at 2BBB for a 20k Double Striker he is rather underwhelming at first. However, his permanent locks out your opponents ability to play Energy cards by any means, again you’re required to have <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area for this to be in effect.

Finally we have a non-Bergamo card in Trio De Dangers Lavender. A 10K for 1B is a little below standard but if you have another Trio De Dangers card in your Battle Area he also KO’s a card that costs 4 or less. Overall a sub-par body but a useful conditional affect attached to him.

The final brother Basil is kind of underwhelming in my opinion at 15k for 1BB. If there is another Trio De Dangers in the Battle Area he does gain Dual Attack and 1K power per Energy you have.

Universe 9 Striker Comfrey is the strongest ramp/cheat into play card that we’ve seen since pre-errata Babidi or pre-errata Mecha Frieza. A 15k body for 1BB is below average but when you play him you can play a U9 card from your hand with an energy cost equal to or less than your total energy. Though ideally you’d want to curve out your Trio De Dangers, Comfrey means on Turn 7 you could assemble the lock in one turn. Or on Turn 6 play out two Trio De Dangers Bergamo cards and get the Battle Card lock going.

Extra Cards- 7/10

Dangers Triangle is the newest addition to the Field Cards and like others is very strong. If you have <Bergamo>, <Lavender> and <Basil> in your Battle Area you negate the skills of all your opponent’s Battle Cards with energy costs of 4 our less. On the surface this card is borderline broken, negating the skills of the vast majority of the cards shuts down so many packages and decks thus making this the perfect top off to the U9 package.

Shining Blasters is the U9 specific Negate which lets you bounce a 4 cost or less if your Leader Card is U9. I actually don’t like this card that much as it lets your opponent replay the card next turn if they’d like. Generally giving your opponent the option for any effect is bad, but Shining Blaster still is a solid Negate as you get to choose the Battle Card.


ToP Theme Power-8.5/10

I think U9 is possibly the strongest Universe when limited to the ToP set, although they require some setup the ability to quickly lock your opponent completely out of a majority of the game should not be overlooked. The only issue I see U9 consistently having is being able to exert kill pressure at the end of the game.

General Power-7/10

Since there are no U9 cards and only 1 Trio De Dangers card outside of ToP, the U9 deck doesn’t get any stronger synergy by gaining access to all of the cards in the game. You do gain access to your standard blue staples like Senzu Bean and Unyielding Spirit Trunks and while these are both incredibly powerful cards they don’t contribute to the lockdown plan directly.

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ToP Universe 6 Review

Tiny Saiyan time!!! Time to start one of my more anticipated reviews with Universe 6, home of the tiny Saiyans! Like others have said the power that is coming out of U6 with the ToP release is fantastic and terrifying at the same time. Although the current Green Veggie package does not possess the U6 tags, there are new U6 cards that refer to character traits alone. With the current package, the new Draft Caulifla leader and the new ToP cards coming out I see great things coming up for the U6 theme decks.


Universe 6- TINY SAIYANS!!!

Leader(s)- 9/10

Kale’s unawakened side is a fairly standard leader with 10k power, a draw when attacking leaders and untaps 2 energy when flipping. Her awakened side is essentially the unawakened side of the Set 1 Broly leader, however having a Caulifla acts like a Broly’s Ring in this case.

I’m including the Draft Caulifla Leader in this review because even though she isn’t from ToP, she has the U6 tag and thus can work with certain cards form ToP (Plus she is bonkers). Sitting at 10k/15k and awakening at 4 to draw 2 Caulifla is very standard. However the Activate: Main she has on both sides is incredibly powerful, by taking a life she increases her own power and the power of all non-Black Battle Cards by 5k. Self-awaken is probably the most important factor when deck building and sticking it on the Leader has always led to strong Leaders. (Blue Vegeta Set 1, Ginyu, Draft Leader Goku).

Battle Cards-8/10

I’m starting with Saiyan Prince Vegeta because his inclusion is questionable, but I feel his powerful synergy with U6 means he is an auto-include. Five energy for a one turn 30k Triple Striker that also buffs a U6 card with 10k and Triple Strike is absolutely insane.

Foreseeing Hit is a fantastic utility card, he lets you look at the opponents hand to spot out the extent of their combo potential and send two Battle Cards with less than 35k power to the Warp for a turn. This means looking for negates and also potentially removing access to two Super Combos for your attacks and their turn!

Impeccable Super Saiyan Cabba can act as Battle Card removal, can’t be countered and is essentially a 20k attacker(Requires red Leader) for 1RR! This card combined with Saiyan Prince Vegeta gives you two 30k Attackers with Triple Strike one of which can’t be countered on Turn 5.

Caulifla has two powerful Battle Cards coming out in ToP. First off you have Sister Attack Caulifla which is similar to Cabba from Set 1 but not quite as strong. She allows you to take a Life on play and she’ll gain 5k power and Double Strike. Self-awaken on a stick has always will continue to be valued highly, plus she has a strong body to swing with when played. Next up we have Bold Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla which can Evolve for 1RR and has a play effect which digs 7 cards deep and lets you play a U6 card with 15k power or less.

Kale also has two very powerful cards coming to us in ToP. Sister Attack Kale gains 5k power and draws a card on attack if you have another U6 card in play. Although the Android 19 card with the attack draw didn’t see much play I feel the synergy within U6 clearly makes Kale stronger and more viable. The other card Relentless Super Saiyan Kale is a 25k Double Striker for 2RRR that can evolve for 1RRR which isn’t that good when compared to other 4 or 5 drops, but her evolve effect is great. On evolve you choose and KO all Battle Cards other than itself and your Caulifla cards with less than 25k power.

Extra Cards- 8/10

Strategies of Universe 7 is insane and although the card name seems weird when discussing U6 it targets all Red Saiyan cards and gives them Barrier until the end of your opponents next turn. This protects you on your turn from Shugesh/Explosive plays, Enraged Awakening Gohan etc…. and then protects you from any number of KO on play cards during your opponents turn. Oh and did I mention its FREE!!! FREE!!!!!

Time Kicker is a very interesting negate that has huge potential. If your leader is U6 you can send the attacking card to your opponents warp for the rest of the turn. Although generally not anymore useful than a normal negate this murders cards with abilities to attack multiple times or that are EX-Evolve and Union targets. The only thing preventing this card from pushing the rating to 9/10 is the U6 leader requirement, but with the strength of the Caulifla leader this card may need reevaluation later down the road.


ToP Theme Power- 8/10

Compared to the other ToP themes I believe U6 has the strongest baseline power as it doesn’t require a ton of synergy as most are two card combos. It provides a good amount of board control and has very strong cards in general. The only downside I feel is that other than the cards mentioned the rest of U6 isn’t overly strong, with the most useful being the combo Botamo that buffs all U6 cards.

General Power- 10/10

It feels wrong giving U6 a higher non-theme rating but I believe these cards coupled with the existing Veggie package will lead to some incredibly fast and aggressive decks. Turn 2 Dash Pack Cabba into the Caulifla that lets you dig deeper for another U6 card is an absolutely insane tempo play. Dash Pack Cabba also makes all Kale and Cauliflas cheaper so it decreases the cost of all the new cards coming out too.

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ToP Universe 2 Review

With the release date of our first theme set less than two weeks away and the only card left unspoiled the Secret Rare, we finally have a near complete picture of the set. Although the general reception of ToP has been lackluster so far, I believe that more cards than expected will have an impact outside of Theme play. Though each universe has their own fairly steep card commitments, I feel these large packages can be impactful enough to build around. I’m going to do a brief overview of most/all of the cards for each Universe and give the Leader(s), Battle Cards and Extra cards a rating out of 1-10. This will be based both on their pure strength and utility as a ToP stand-alone set and for their ability to be integrated into the rest of the game.


Universe 2 – Beautiful Maidens

Although I don’t care for Universe 2 in the show or card game, they look to be extremely explosive and reminiscent of the Androids printed thus far. As a 10K/15K that awakens at 4 and draws, Brianne De Chateau is a standard leader, her unawakened side has a psuedo-draw and digs two cards deep for a Maiden Squadron card. The awakened side has a conditional KO ability if you have both other members of the Maiden Squadron, <Kakunsa> and <Rozie>, on the field.


Brianne/Ribrianne isn’t a Jack of All Trades but also doesn’t do one thing great. Her psuedo-draw forces you to build heavier around U2 or you face failing to acquire any value. While on her awakened side the conditional KO actually has a fairly steep requirement. Neither <Kakunsa> nor <Rozie> have Barrier and although they are 20K power at only 4 Energy Cost they fall to many of the staple removal cards.

Battle Cards-7/10

Topping out the curve at 5 Ribrianne has an evolve cost of 1GG and this makes the Maiden Squadron stay low to the ground. With Barrier and a Evolve KO ability Ribrianne is fitting of the SR slot and is extremely useful. On top of that she also has a conditional discard 2 affect on attack, however this has the same drawback as the leader requiring two non-barrier cards to be on the field also.

Kakunsa is the other noteworthy card for Universe 2, though 2GG for a 20k Crit isn’t too shabby itself you also have the potential to gain Dual Attack if you have both <Ribrianne> and <Rozie> in play. The unique nature of these ability combinations is what causes these two cards to rate higher the leader even though they all share the same downside.

Hermilla when paired with Prum is insane, once per turn KO’ing a card that costs 5 or less with the only requirement is having a Prum, a two drop with Barrier, isn’t that steep.

Although Jimezes’ effect is fairly impactful, his cost reduction only hits Maiden Squadron (4 cards) and doesn’t reduce specified cost or Evolve Cost. His exile effect is also negligible as dropping a card will almost never be worth saving him.


Extra Cards- 3/10

Maiden Transformation is the value card of U2 that for 2GG lets you bring back 2 Four or less Maiden Squadron cards from your Drop Area to play. This is fairly similar to Here to Save the Day which doesn’t see much play at all due to it’s slow and fairly restricted use.

Maiden Charge is a solid negate. By discarding one you force your opponent to KO a Battle Card. It’s cheaper than Enraged Awakening Gohan and doesn’t only hit attacking BCs, however your opponent is given the choice so it is a wash.


ToP Theme Power- 7/10

Playing with solely ToP I can see U2 being a decent deck, it provides a lot of control over the board attached to various cards. Although a lackluster card, the Maiden Squadron group synergy allows U2 to produce some explosive board state swings on Turn 4 and farther.

General Power-4/10

With the heavy U2 theme requirements for most of the worthwhile cards to get their full effect, I don’t see U2 having much impact in the regular meta outside of a nearly pure theme deck.

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4-Color Vegito

My personal brain child was created purely by accident. I’ve always been a fan of Vegito, both as a character and as a card in the DBS Card Game so while retooling my Vegito deck I was struggling to come up with more efficient/versatile Vegeta options. This is when I discovered that Great Ape Prince Vegeta is a normal <Vegeta> card. From there the Yellow package seemed obvious, fetch, color fixing and utility all in one bundle. Listed below is the complete Deck List for 4-Color Vegito as of publishing.

Great Ape Prince Vegeta is the centerpiece as when played as energy he will provide all four colors. Planet Vegeta is used to primarily search for more Great Ape Prince Vegetas but can be used to search other key pieces if we are missing something. Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta allows us to search for Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta or occasionally just Great Ape Prince Vegeta. The evolved King Vegeta provides two major benefits, Barrier for all Yellow Saiyans and reducing the combo cost of Saiyans in your hand by 1. Giving Barrier to all Yellow Saiyans in play is beneficial but not that relevant as in most situations the other cards it benefits are energy. The reduced combo cost generally has a greater impact, often catching opponents off guard with massive combos.


3x Planet Vegeta

4x Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta

4x Great Ape Prince Vegeta

3x Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta



4x Unending Awakening

4x Handy Giru

4x Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta

2x Potara, The KAi’s Secret

2x Lightning Speed Vegito



4x Bundle of Curiosity Goku

3x Full Power Vegeta

2x Hyper Rush SSB Vegito



3x Kind Saiyan Son Goku

2x Senzu Bean

3x Rapid Onslaught Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku

1x Bursting Energy Super Saiyan Vegito

1x Ultimate Force SSB Vegito



1x Scientist Fu