About Us

Spell Zone Gaming has been delivering a variety of TCG products since we started as a small eBay channel in 2011. Our goal is to provide the best prices coupled with excellent customer service. Along with our partners we provide Deck Tech blogs and commentary over gameplay from our LGS!


Beginning of a Dream

The dream for this store started in 2011, I was a freshman in college and was heavy into Magic the Gathering. I had gotten into speculative investing on cards, I did very poorly, and soon rebooted my eBay page I had used in high school to get rid of some old Pokemon cards. This is when I came up with the name Spell Zone Gaming while talking to my older brother about what I should do. Needless to say I didn’t really go anywhere and the dream would be subdued for years to come.
I casually used the page to buy/sell cards for the next 5 years falling into and out of Magic twice during that time. In 2016 I had a dumb influx of money and got very deep into investing in sealed Magic product. I did better this time around and made much better decisions than the first time around. I didn’t have the best record keeping, aka little to none, and I’d consider this time a wash or maybe some loss after taxes and supplies.
The next year I ran into some personal issues and I was forced to begin selling off my stock and my personal collection. This was the catalyst for the dream to come back, as tax season approached I was reminded my sales were taxed income and they no longer qualified as a hobby according to eBay/PayPal. Trying to take everything in stride I decided since I was getting taxed as a business it was time to reap some of the benefits. I obtained my business license and resellers license, I streamlined my services and correctly organized/affiliated all of my accounts in various places. I sought access to product distributors but sadly was denied. Although the distributor would not identify the reason, I was led to believe it was due to operating only on eBay. This led to the creation of my website and my social media page in an effort to expand.
I’m currently still seeking distributor access however one of these doors has been closed permanently as they no longer service internet-only retailers. I hope to be able to slowly expand the products I offer soon!