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4-Color Vegito

My personal brain child was created purely by accident. I’ve always been a fan of Vegito, both as a character and as a card in the DBS Card Game so while retooling my Vegito deck I was struggling to come up with more efficient/versatile Vegeta options. This is when I discovered that Great Ape Prince Vegeta is a normal <Vegeta> card. From there the Yellow package seemed obvious, fetch, color fixing and utility all in one bundle. Listed below is the complete Deck List for 4-Color Vegito as of publishing.

Great Ape Prince Vegeta is the centerpiece as when played as energy he will provide all four colors. Planet Vegeta is used to primarily search for more Great Ape Prince Vegetas but can be used to search other key pieces if we are missing something. Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta allows us to search for Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta or occasionally just Great Ape Prince Vegeta. The evolved King Vegeta provides two major benefits, Barrier for all Yellow Saiyans and reducing the combo cost of Saiyans in your hand by 1. Giving Barrier to all Yellow Saiyans in play is beneficial but not that relevant as in most situations the other cards it benefits are energy. The reduced combo cost generally has a greater impact, often catching opponents off guard with massive combos.


3x Planet Vegeta

4x Lord of the Great Apes, King Vegeta

4x Great Ape Prince Vegeta

3x Absolute Defense Great Ape King Vegeta



4x Unending Awakening

4x Handy Giru

4x Double Shot Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta

2x Potara, The KAi’s Secret

2x Lightning Speed Vegito



4x Bundle of Curiosity Goku

3x Full Power Vegeta

2x Hyper Rush SSB Vegito



3x Kind Saiyan Son Goku

2x Senzu Bean

3x Rapid Onslaught Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku

1x Bursting Energy Super Saiyan Vegito

1x Ultimate Force SSB Vegito



1x Scientist Fu



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